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Concrete Lifting FAQS What type of areas can be lifted and stabilized? Sidewalks Curb and gutter Pool decks Garage floors Basements Trip hazards Driveways Porches Patios RV and hot tub pads Steps Basements Factory floors Office floors And so much more! Void filling can also be performed for stabilization and to fill holes caused by animals, sprinkler drainage problems or soil erosion. Advantages of Concrete Lifting Concrete lifting is financially affordable. The cost is only a fraction of the cost of replacement. Concrete lifting is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective. It usually takes hours instead of days to complete the repair. There is little disruption of the surrounding landscape. Concrete lifting is usually a permanent fix to many concrete problems. Eliminates many problems, especially trip hazards.
What Are The Savings Over Concrete  Replacement? Concrete lifting is economical, costs a fraction of replacement, and minimally affects landscaping. Concrete lifting provides an economical alternative to replacing concrete that is sinking or cracking. When the concrete lifting is complete, the concrete slab will be restored to its proper height, pitch, and grade. We highly recommend sealing control joints, and cracks. To prevent future erosion and get more life out of your concrete! We provide a warranty with our work! CLC  provides a 2 year warranty against re-settling. If the problem is the result of drainage issues, it is important that those issues be addressed as it can void the warranty. We will happily consult with the home owner or business owner as to remedies. How Much Does It Cost? The cost varies by size, condition, and amount the concrete has fallen. CLC provides free, no hassle, no pressure estimates.