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Foundation Repair Services Stop the damaging effects of foundation settling! Concrete Lifting Company in Utah and Colorado also offers foundation repair services. Over 250,000 homeowners experience uneven floors, cracked walls, or sinking foundations each year. When foundations are subjected to extreme moisture or lack proper drainage, the soil becomes unstable and the foundation shifts. This shifting can severely damage your home. Indications of foundation settling problems that require repair include: Foundation walls that are buckled or bowed Doors and windows that stick or don’t open properly Cracks in foundation walls Cracks in exterior walls Cracks in interior walls and ceilings Sunken or buckled interior concrete floors Foundation Repair Procedure Following the plan of repair, the contractor will excavate down to the footing at each helical pile location. A notch will be chipped out of the footing to accommodate a support bracket. A high-torque hydraulic drive head will screw the helical piles into stable subsoil until the prescribed depth is reached. A steel L-shaped bracket placed on top of each helical pile shaft will connect to the base of the foundation wall. The weight of your house then will be transferred to the helical pile foundation system by an established procedure of hydraulic jacking and adjust to the brackets. Finally, all excavation will be back-filled. Please take the advice of a foundation repair contractor, it will be worth your investment.